CECC Business

- The CECC, through utilizing the resources in inter-party exchanges, helps Chinese and foreign government agencies, industrial associations and individual enterprises to actively engage in bilateral, multilateral, sub-regional and regional strategic cooperation projects in the fields of economic development, science and technology, culture, environment protection and energy.
- The CECC provides advice to Chinese local governments on masterminding their opening-up strategies and also on their external publicity and investment promotion schemes, to encourage more proactive initiatives in developing a diverse and balanced open economy for win-win results.
- The CECC provides consultancy services to China’s local governments, industrial parks and enterprises on how to attract and make the best of foreign investment in a way to introduce not only capital but also advanced technologies and talents from the outside world.
- The CECC helps foreign investors in identifying and selecting the right projects among various investment invitations and recommends them the most appropriate development zones or high-tech zones, making their operations in China more convenient and legally protected.
- The CECC offers assistance to Chinese enterprises in their efforts to “go global” by providing high-level public relations support and professional consultancy services and enhancing their capability of managing international businesses, including such expertise as tapping foreign resources and markets and promoting R&D, production and marketing, etc.
- The CECC advises Chinese and foreign importers and exporters on trade and industrial policies, helping them raise competitiveness based on technology, brand, quality and service while promoting trade in services including e-commerce. The CECC is also engaged in organizing forums, exhibitions and other activities to promote balanced development of trade between China and other countries.
- The CECC gives guidance to its subordinate enterprise, the China Hualian International Trade Corporation, in carrying out its businesses in international trade and investment.