Introduction to China Economic Cooperation Center

China Economic Cooperation Center (CECC) was founded in 1993 in the wave of China’s reform and opening up with the duty to boost practical cooperation in party-to-party exchanges. As a national-level economic and trade promotion agency, the CECC seeks to carry out mutually beneficial cooperation for win-win development. By utilizing resources in inter-party exchanges, the CECC works in partnership with many Chinese and foreign enterprises, industry associations and international organizations and has built extensive collaborative mechanisms with China’s government agencies as well as foreign governments, political parties, organizations and embassies. 
     In the past two decades, seizing the new opportunities brought about by economic globalization, the CECC has played a part in China’s efforts in opening wider to the outside world, raising the level of the open economy, and participating in international economic and technological cooperation and competition in larger scopes, wider ranges and at higher levels by encouraging Chinese businesses to go global while bringing in foreign ones to China. The CECC has aided many multinationals, including Fortune Global 500 companies, to invest in high-end manufacturing and high-tech industries in China and has supported Chinese enterprises to develop their businesses in other parts of the world as part of the efforts to better tap resources and markets both at home and abroad. The center also gives advice to Chinese enterprises and helps them to expand exports in commodities and services, optimize foreign trade structures, increase import of resources and mineral products and introduce advanced technologies and critical equipments. “There are friends from thousands of miles away and across the world”. We have harvested friendship, made achievements and raised hope after twenty years of hard work and sustainable development. 
     China’s reform and opening up has entered a new stage and the international exchanges of the Communist Party of China (CPC) are booming. Under this background, the CECC has come to a time to embrace opportunities for greater accomplishments and brighter prospects. By exploiting its domestic and external connections, the CECC has played an active role in boosting economic and social development in different regions of the country. When helping local governments and companies in project planning and implementation, the CECC endeavors to explore new approaches to building open economy and cultivating leading forces in international business cooperation and in the transformation of development mode, trying to make greater contribution to China’s new round of opening-up. 
     Looking forward, we will continue to leverage our political, institutional and industrial advantages, focus on implementing “The Belt and Road” Initiative and enhance our core competence so as to better fulfill our mission.