Hu Yanxin Accompanies Chairman of Turkey’s Patriotic Party on Visit to Startimes
On Feb. 8th, President Hu Yanxin of CECC accompanied Chairman Dogu Perincek and his Patriotic Party delegation on a visit to the Startimes.

Vice President Guo Ziqi of Startimes briefed the delegation on the Startime’s business presence in Africa and Asia and showed the delegation around the broadcasting center, studios and dubbing center. After the visit, the Chinese side and the Turkish delegation engaged in in-depth discussion about jointly promoting TV and media cooperation between the two sides. erincek stated that with further progress of the Belt and Road Initiative and rapid growth of China-Turkey relations, Turkish public were paying more attention to China and that the Patriotic Party was willing, through its affiliated TV channels, to cooperate with Startimes and other Chinese media enterprises, so as to better introduce China to the world and contribute to the building of the new Silk Road.

Officials from division in charge of Middle East affairs from the 3rd Bureau of the IDCPC also attended the symposium.